4. Naomi Klein

In Young Again Kirsty Young asks her guests what advice they would give to their younger selves. In this episode Naomi Klein shares the origins of her political activism. Having shot to fame aged 29 with the anti-globalisation bestseller No Logo, Naomi Klein has gone on to publish several books about politics, climate, capitalism and the disorienting impact of social media. Growing up in a political family, Naomi initially rejected her parents' activism, but, as she describes to Kirsty, a series of painful events instilled in her the importance of campaigning for social change. She talks to Kirsty about the battles she has won and lost.Producer: Laura Northedge Research by: Martha Owen Content Editor: Richard Hooper Editor: Alice Feinstein Senior Technical Producer: Duncan Hannant Presenter: Kirsty YoungA BBC Audio Production

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Kirsty Young takes her guests back to meet their younger selves and asks the question: if you knew then, what you know now... what would you tell yourself?