Tracy's Turnaround: Debt Free Diva Wins After Ditching $100K Debt

In this episode, I'm joined by Tracy Hemingway, the Debt Free Diva of the Tron. Listen to how she wiped out 100k worth of credit card debt in a few years. From nearly declaring bankruptcy to smart savings and real estate investments, we're discussing it all - including less-than-ideal rentals. Then with my financial coach Hannah McQueen rolls in and we dive into the murky waters of financial infidelity, then we hit your questions and provide practical tips on balancing life's pleasures with penny-pinching. Plus, we're decoding the mortgage rate beast.  powered by Instagram / Facebook / Tik Tok: @wheresmymoneynz Tracy's Instagram: @debtfreediva Reagan White Instagram Show links Where's My Money? Linktree WheresMyMoney #DebtFreeJourney #FinancialFreedom  See for privacy information.

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One Man, One Million Dollars of debt, One podcast to find a way out.  Join host Reagan White in his pursuit of financial security and freedom.   Powered by Instagram / Facebook / Tik Tok: @wheresmymoneynz