My Fiscal Wake-Up Call: Insights from Tony Alexander & Hannah McQueen on Debt Management

In the third episode of "Where's My Money?", we continue to dive into the quagmire of my  $1 million debt. With the expert guidance of financial coach Hannah McQueen and economist Tony Alexander, we are going to discuss aggressive debt reduction strategies and the crucial role of financial literacy. The episode gets into the need for proactive financial planning and we get into your questions about how to find financial empowerment. Join Myself,  Hannah, and Tony as we provide insights and motivation for anyone looking to take charge of their financial future. powered by Instagram / Facebook / Tik Tok: @wheresmymoneynz Reagan White Instagram Show links Where's My Money? LinktreeSee for privacy information.

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One Man, One Million Dollars of debt, One podcast to find a way out.  Join host Reagan White in his pursuit of financial security and freedom.   Powered by Instagram / Facebook / Tik Tok: @wheresmymoneynz