Trial by Water: Coming June 1

Right now, there is a man in Australia who is locked up in a prison within a prison. His cell mates are serial killers and rapists. He’s always insisted that he’s innocent - and now the experts are starting to agree. This podcast series will explore what this man did to end up in a protection unit in a maximum security prison - and investigate if he’s there for a crime he didn’t commit.Trial by Water is a new podcast from Michael Bachelard, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Subscribe now to receive episode 1 when it drops on June 1.Subscribe to The Age & SMH: for privacy information.

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Trial by Water is an investigative podcast series about Robert Farquharson, who has been locked up for decades for an unthinkable crime: murdering his three sons in a dam on Father’s Day, 2005. Now scientists and lawyers are asking the question: did we get it wrong? And is this man in prison for a crime he didn’t commit?