Introducing ‘The Wedding Scammer’

Jump down the rabbit hole with host Justin Sayles as he tracks a scammer and tries to get some answers—for himself, and so many others.  This is ‘The Wedding Scammer,’ The Ringer’s first true crime podcast. A story in seven parts, starting October 17. Video Trailer: Cory McConnell Original Music: Justin Catoni of 13th Ward Social Club Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Om Podcasten

Have you ever been scammed?  In The Ringer’s first true crime podcast, host Justin Sayles tracks a mysterious figure who once wronged him. A man with a lot of aliases, a lot of failed businesses, and a trail of victims. Justin follows him through a sham media company, a series of ruined weddings, and beyond, trying to find answers.  The police can’t offer any help—but maybe we can.  From Spotify and The Ringer, this is ‘The Wedding Scammer.’ A story in seven parts.