SBP 037: The State of Programmatic in Canada. With Ben Wise and Jeremy Freedman.

Today, we have a thrilling episode in store for you as we engage in a conversation with not just one, but two Heads of Programmatic Media from Google Canada. Joining us are Ben Wise and Jeremy Freedman, and together we discuss the state of programmatic here in Canada. We explore various trends, delve into Google's privacy sandbox, touch upon the widespread adoption of digital practices within organizations, and much more! This is an episode you won't want to miss. Enjoy the show. Our Guests ------------ Ben Wise - Head of Programmatic Media at Google Jeremy Freedman - Head of Programmatic Media, Agency at Google Our Hosts ----------- Follow our updates here: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Get in touch with our hosts: Marc Binkley: ⁠⁠ Vassilis Douros: ⁠⁠⁠ Podcast Literature -------------------- Understanding Programmatic - Think With Google Programmatic analysis tools | BigQuery | Google Cloud The Future of Programmatic Media in 2023 Google’s new prototype AI tool does the writing for you Timestamps ------------ 0:44 - Introductions 3:25 - What is programmatic media buying? 5:40 - Targeting by Geo, Context, Audience and Private Marketplaces 9:55 - How programmatic media has evolved in Canada 12:01 - What inventory is available to programmatic media in Canada? 15:24 - Opportunities with Connected TV (CTV) 20:36 - How AI enhances media buying and creative placements 24:46 - Bringing programmatic in-house vs hiring agencies 27:40 - The right time & risks with bringing programmatic in-house 31:00 - Replacing people with robots? 33:03 - Performance measurement & attribution models 41:40 - Privacy sandboxes and public concerns 46:03 - Running experiments to create breakthroughs 50:10 - Factors driving programmatic growth and innovation 53:20 - Post-pod with V & Marc Where to listen ----------------- Apple Podcasts: Spotify: ⁠⁠ Google Podcasts: Youtube: © 2023 Sleeping Barber

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Welcome to the Sleeping Barber podcast with your hosts, Marc Binkley and Vassilis Douros. The sleeping barber is a classic computer programming problem that illustrates the challenges of effectively managing multiple systems processes. In business, we're faced with similar challenges. How do we align operations, IT and HR to execute a strategy and drive growth? How can accounting and legal help build and defend brands? How do marketing, sales and customer service teams effectively and efficiently acquire and serve customers? These challenging problems are exactly what this podcast is about.