SBP 034: Bud Light, Barbie and Branding, with Emmanuel Probst

This week on the Sleeping Barber Podcast, we have Emmanuel Probst, ⁠Global Lead - Brand Thought Leadership @ Ipsos and author of "Aseemblage." Join us as we delve into the thought process behind his latest book; we also discuss the need for brand managers to co-create with customers, analyze real-life brand case studies like Vaseline and Bud Light, and explore how brands can promise and deliver the right experience to their customers.  We also spend some time understanding the secret recipe of building a brand for longevity and learning what skills are needed to become a great "master blender."  Enjoy the show.  Our Guest  ---------------------------  Emmanuel Probst  Global Lead - Brand Thought Leadership @ Ipsos  Our Hosts  ---------------------------  Follow our updates here: ⁠⁠⁠⁠  Get in touch with our hosts:  Marc Binkley: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠  Vassilis Douros: ⁠⁠⁠  Podcast Literature:  ---------------------------  Assemblage  Peter Field Rebuttal to results of Purpose Led Brands  Mark Ritson Good Purpose, Bad Purpose   LinkedIn B2B Institute & Roger Martin’s Promise to the Customer (PTTC)   Bud Light Launches new ad after Transgender commercial ⁠⁠  Vaseline Slugging    Barbie Launches Career Dolls  Timestamps:  ---------------------------  0:44 - Emmanuel Probst Intro  2:14 - Assemblage, an analogy between wine making and brand building   6:35 - Why brand managers need to co-create with customers  9:18 - CoCreation example: Vaseline #Slugging  13:02 - Monitoring brand signals and separating the noise  17:04 - What brand managers can learn from the James Bond franchise   21:02 - Bud Light’s missteps and road to recovery  28:55 - Many new marketing leaders make this same mistake   34:11 - Brands can’t just make a promise, they have to deliver the experience  36:54 - Brand purpose vs. personal relevance   40:02 - Building for brand longevity  44:52 - A buyer’s category entry point can change but the brand’s assets shouldn’t  51:37 - The skills needed to be a great master blender for brands  55:09 - Post Pod with V & Marc    Where to listen ---------------------------  Apple Podcasts: ⁠⁠  Spotify: ⁠⁠⁠⁠  Google Podcasts:  Youtube:  © 2023 Sleeping Barber

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Welcome to the Sleeping Barber podcast with your hosts, Marc Binkley and Vassilis Douros. The sleeping barber is a classic computer programming problem that illustrates the challenges of effectively managing multiple systems processes. In business, we're faced with similar challenges. How do we align operations, IT and HR to execute a strategy and drive growth? How can accounting and legal help build and defend brands? How do marketing, sales and customer service teams effectively and efficiently acquire and serve customers? These challenging problems are exactly what this podcast is about.