SBP 028: The Evolution of Traditional Advertising, with Pierre Bouvard

Have we come full circle? The evolution of traditional media has been significant over recent years, driven by changes in consumer behaviour, technology, and emerging media platforms. In our latest episode, Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus Media/Westwood One, shares his valuable insights on the evolution of traditional advertising and its role in modern marketing. We cover many topics, including media planning, building a sonic brand, and the benefits of media diversity in increasing marketing effectiveness. And don't forget, Stay tuned until the end for our post-pod discussion. We hope you enjoy this episode! ____________ Our Guest: Follow Pierre Bouvard: Follow Westwood One: ____________ Literature: ____________ The Sleeping Barber Podcast: Follow our updates here: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Get in touch with our hosts: Marc Binkley: ⁠⁠⁠⁠ Vassilis Douros: ⁠⁠⁠ ___________ Timestamps: 0:48 - Intro to Pierre 3:03 - Why major broadcasters are converting from radio to audio  5:29 - Where traditional media stands today in the media landscape 10:20 - Mass reach with radio is not an oxymoron 13:34 - The problem with media planners  18:08 - The expanding universe of audio advertising 24:49 - Capturing attention in the car 27:02 - Portable People Meters (PPM) - measuring media audiences 29:45 - Radio is becoming visual in connected cars 34:10 - Heatmapping listener driving patterns 38:20 - Speed of reach 41:49 - Why campaign effectiveness increases with media diversity 43:25 - Is the 3 frequency still accurate?  53:20 - Distinctive assets & the keys to sonic brands 57:23 - Did we forget how advertising works?  1:03:35 - Tips for effective audio creative 1:07:03 - Why more messages in an ad is a bad idea 1:09:48 - How to find out more about Pierre 1:11:31 - Post Pod with V and Marc ____________ Where to listen Apple Podcasts: ⁠ The Sleeping Barber - A Business and Marketing Podcast on Apple Podcasts Spotify: ⁠ The Sleeping Barber - A Business and Marketing Podcast | Podcast on Spotify Google Podcasts: ⁠ The Sleeping Barber - A Business and Marketing Podcast Youtube: Sleeping Barber - A Business and Marketing Podcast

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