Piecing It Together

As more information comes in about some of the allegations across the last 16 episodes, we start to try to piece everything together.In this episode, a former friend of Paul Reynolds makes contact, and a new anonymous person comes forward with information that could help.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

15-year-old Eden Westbrook, lived in a small seaside town in Tasmania. One night after a minor disagreement with her family she left home. The next morning, she was found dead hanging from a tree on the main road into the town.  The family don’t believe she took her own life.  This series delves into the family's view of the police investigation,  the witness that was last to see Eden Alive , missing evidence, new information and a tiny town with a dark secret. This is The Garden Of Eden You can now watch shorts from each epsiode here https://bit.ly/3KrQ3s6 ******CONTENT WARNING ******* This podcast references suicide and suicidal ideation Listener discretion is advised Contacts for mental health and crisis support can be found here https://findahelpline.com