The Taylor Swift series: Parts 1-3

Omg it’s us! In your podcast feeds! On a Saturday! Why? Well! You might remember that, at the beginning of 2022, we did a three-part Scandal series exploring how Taylor Swift rose, fell, then rose again. Those three episodes are Shameless Media’s most downloaded episodes of all time.  As you’re already very much aware: a LOT has happened in the Taylor Swift omniverse since we released that three-part series. So much that it… completely justifies… a couple more episodes. So! To celebrate Taylor coming to Australia for the Eras Tour this week, we’re taking our most-popular series ever two steps further: to kick everything off we’ve repackaged our three existing episodes into one bumper podcast for you. Have a trip down memory lane with us here, then enjoy Part Four on Monday and Part Five the week after. This episode was audio produced by Annabelle Lee. Want to support our show? Clicking ‘follow’ on Apple and Spotify is the best way to do that, and we're super grateful to anyone who leaves a five-star review while they're at it. Also! An old-fashioned 'Tell a Friend In Real Life' is equally appreciated. Want more? We've got more... Subscribe to the Shameless newsletter, Smart Dumb Stuff: Aaaand everything else your heart could ever desire is here: Thanks for listening! We are very big fans of yours.

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