Thief at the British Museum: 8. Stateside

Katie receives a tip-off that sultan1966 has been selling gems in the US. After speaking to a buyer in New Orleans, she learns about an even bigger collection of gems offered by the same seller that have ended up in the Washington DC area. Presenter: Katie Razzall Producers: Darin Graham, Ben Henderson and Larissa Kennelly Production Coordinator: Gemma Ashman Mix and sound design : James Beard Composer: Jenny Plant Exec-producer: Joe Kent Investigations Editor: Ed Campbell Series Editor: Matt Willis Commissioning Executive: Tracy Williams Commissioning Editor: Dan Clarke

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Gripping stories from the shadows - BBC investigations from across the UKThe inside story of how ancient treasures disappeared from one of the world's most famous museums. And how one man believes he uncovered a thief.BBC Culture Editor Katie Razzall reveals how a Danish gem dealer almost single-handedly identified a man he believes had been stealing precious artefacts from the British Museum. She looks at why thefts went unnoticed for so long.What begins as a whodunnit turns into a global treasure hunt as Katie tries to track down the missing gems.