This Week Noah Lolesio floods The KOKO Show with fun and footy.

This week on The KOKO Show the lads are horsing around and bathing in the sweet sweet nectar of the Brumbies win over the previously undefeated Hurricanes. Much like a pack of hungry ‘Junkyard Dogs’ we forage through another spectacular round of Super(b) Rugby and thanks to our friends at BeefEater and AppliancesOnline we have a tender little lineup of ‘Super Sizzlers’ fresh off the grill. The fellas also have a deep dive into the triumphant Super(b) Rugby W final, breaking down how the Waratahs dismantled the Drua to run the board in a spectacular undefeated winning season. Obviously, we understand that we have fans from both sides of the equator that join us week in and week out to bloody ‘Schmidt this thing in’, so we have served up an extra juicy NHL’s segment this week with flavours from Japan, England and the self-proclaimed leaders of the free world. Plus, it would be completely LOCO if KOKO didn't have a special guest, so we have lined up a Brumbies young blood that is on his way back to the promised land. A man that has more footy smarts than Gits has gold bullion buried under his house, the fresh faced flyhalf of the future, the Ken amongst us mortal men, the one and only ‘bad boi Brumby’ himself Mr Noah Lolesio. So dust off your chaps, tighten your bridal and tip your Akubra to another real roughie of a podcast. It’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons. TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - HELLO AND WELCOME01:10 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS 03:27 - BUSTA RHYMES RESPONSE VIDEO 05:34 - MERCHANDISE/SOCIAL PLUGS 07:16 - SOCIAL SNITCHES09:54 - SHOUT OUT TO PRODUCER OLLIE 10:39 - RUGBY ROUNDUP 24:20 - SUPER SIZZLERS30:39 - BRUMBIES BEATING THE HURRICANES34:15 - INTRODUCE NOAH LOLESIO 36:11 - NOAH ON THE HURRICANES WIN38:32 - NOAH’S TIME IN FRANCE AND FRENCH STYLE40:28 - GITS REACHING OUT TO NOAH42:51 - NOAH ON THE WALLABIES AND JOE SCHMIDT48:56 - WHICH THREE PEOPLE WOULD NOAH CHOOSE IF STUCK ON AN ISLAND 50:19 - BRUMBIES QUIZ WITH NOAH 57:00 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS01:05:54 - FIRE UP WITH FIREBALL SEGMENT 01:08:15 - MERCHANDISE AND SOCIAL PLUGS 01:10:17 - GOODBYESBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us at [email protected]. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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