New Wallabies Coach Joe Schmidt joins the first ever live KOKO Show at Super Round Melbourne.

This week on Kick Offs and Kick Ons we take the show on the road. We headed down to Super Round Melbourne courtesy of TEG and had one hell of a time. On the show this week we dusted off our KOKO shirts, popped a few Nurofen and fixed our hair as we welcomed a very special guest on set, new Wallabies coach Joe Schmidt.Smokey Joe told us how he has almost fixed Australian Rugby less than a week into the job, the Super Rugby players that have caught his eye and he shares his positive messaging for Aussie rugby fans. So let's get excited to see all Australian rugby teams "Schmidt it in" over the next couple of years.After Joe had vacated the show to save his professional reputation, the boys recapped all the action from Super Round Melbourne took part in a Super Rugby quiz off and we share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from our weekend down thereSo sit back and gently run your fingers through your Melbourne hipster moustache and sip on your three quarter piccolo in a graffitied lane way, it's now time for The KOKO Show.00:00 - INTRO TO SUPER ROUND01:44 - INTRO JOE SCHMIDT03:54 - JOE INTERVIEW STARTS09:39 - JOE ON THE BLEDISLOE11:06 - JOE'S COMMUNICATION WITH WALLABIES TEAM12:36 - JOE ON THE APPOINTMENT OF HIS COACHING STAFF13:44 - JOE ON THE BRITISH AND IRISH LIONS/ EARN THE SUPPORT15:56 - JOE ON THE WALLABIES DOCCO16:57 - PLAYERS THAT HAVE CAUGHT JOE'S EYE19:04 - JOE'S MESSAGE TO AUSSIE RUGBY FANS21:08 - SUPER ROUND WRAP UP29:55 - DREW GETTING HIS LIFE BACK ON TRACK30:50 - KOKO QUIZ37:05 - FAREWELLSWatch the YouTube episode to see our behind-the-scenes footage from the weekend!Who knows what the future holds but this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun! So enjoy the ride and make sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickonsTWITTER/X: @kickoffskickonsYOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickonsTIKTOK: @kickoffskickonsUse KOKO20 at for a 20% discount to dress like we did in Melbourne.If you do want to talk sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us [email protected]. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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