Celebrating our frontline heroes: A tribute to emergency service workers and the power of community support

As the holiday spirit fills the air, our thoughts turn to those who forgo the festivities to keep us safe. This episode is a tribute to the emergency service workers whose dedication shines brightest when our need is greatest.  I'm joined by the Chief Executive of Wellington Free Ambulance, David Robinson, to discuss the challenges of funding for these vital services and the remarkable resilience of frontline heroes. David paints a vivid picture of the high-stakes scenarios they encounter daily, from the tension of cardiac arrests to the gentle care provided in palliative transfers. Their stories are a compelling call to action for government and community support, a reminder that behind the statistics are individuals with a profound commitment to our wellbeing. We share a collective responsibility to support these heroes. The generosity of the community is crucial in ensuring the continuous operation of these essential services. This episode stands as a celebration of achievements and a heartfelt acknowledgment of the generosity that binds the community together.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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