3. Unanswered Questions

The inquest into codebreaker Gareth Williams' death threw up many still-unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding how he died. Here, Dr Sian Williams examines more closely some of the evidence that came to light during the eight-day hearing and, given the nature of the young Welshman's work for the security services, asks if we will ever know some of the most crucial detail! Journalist and executive producer Ashley Byrne joins Sian as they work through some of the evidence from the hearing with a series of guests with an interest in the case.Death of a Codebreaker is presented by Dr Sian Williams with contributions in Episode 3 from from Ashley Byrne and Dyfan Rees Producers: Wayne Wright and James Pepper. The Executive Producer is Ashley Byrne. Research by Wayne Wright, Ashley Byrne and James Pepper. Music by Robin Forrest The Sound editors are Mark Burrows and Kev Bailey Death of a Codebreaker is an MIM Production for BBC Sounds and BBC Radio Wales.

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Dr Sian Williams investigates the story of the Welsh codebreaker whose naked body was found inside a bag in his bath. Mystery still surrounds how and why Gareth Williams died.